Roots Of Relationship

By Sonia Kaur • November 10, 2015

Why we guys fail to make a healthy relationship? Because every relationship has different roots and we fail to understand this and our relations end.

Every plant has same roots but the care demanded is different I.e some want extra water and some want less water, some need extra sunlight and some less. So if we give equally water and sunlight to every plant then what will happen? Some plants start dying. So it is in a relationship. Some wants more love, some need extra care, some want freedom, respect, trust, honesty etc. Now you get my point.

Be a good listener as well as good speaker for healthy relationship. We all are so eager to speak that we forget to listen. We don't let another person to complete his statement. If someone doesn't get agree with us we start using bad language and bad language is enough for breaking a relation. Use wise words, respectful language and politeness. Always speak what you mean. Don't insult anyone and quit arguments. Open to praise everybody.

Don't bring anything over in your relationship I.e over domination, over adjustment, over possessiveness. "Excess of everything is bad." Love is an essence of all relationships whereas ego is an enemy. Increase love and decrease ego. Keep give and take equally in your relationships. People prefer to take more and give less and that is very bad.

Don't carry lots of relations if you fail to give them time. Lesser is better than large. People make thousands of friends and still they are alone, frustrated and depressed. Reason is only this they want to make lots of friends despite of one good friend. People prefer to live in crowd despite of someone's heart.

People get new friend and they start ignoring old ones because we lack to maintain balance in few relationships at one time. Value your every relation before you loose them.

Don't hurt sensitive people and don't be sensitive over harsh people. Treat your every relation as you expect from them.


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