How My Mom And God Have Inspired Me

By Eljhon Benny Burbano • October 19, 2015

I almost gave up, but when I recalled how my mom sacrifices for us, I realized if I end my life is she be happy or I will just regret if I pursued it, but thanked God he helped me and motivated me and used my mom as a way of reminding me that she is there to cure and give purpose to my life. Maybe I just too selfish that time. Now, I got a decent job and a very happy family, I thank my mom for everything, she's my life and I promise to take care of her once she gets old, don't loose hope because we have God up there who will not leave us, use your family as your motivation in Life, because its worth it. Thank you for reading, I hope I inspired each and everyone of you. God Bless.


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