A Little Girl Named Martha

By Angie • October 14, 2015

Growing up in an illiterate suburban area in Africa were education is not taken seriously because the government will only give you a free education up until 9th grade, Martha was one of the most ambitious little girls anyone could ever set their eyes on. It was never easy for her to explore or have a life that she felt she actually deserved but at the age of 14, she was determined to get an education that would not only change her life but change the lives of her family members.

She was born in a family of four were she was the first and only girl, Martha believed that if she held her head high and had enough discipline, she would achieve goals that other people only dreamt of. At the age of 15, she started looking for ways to earn the money that would pay for her education because the man she called her father, the man that was supposed to put her through school because he did have the money to do so, abandoned his family for another woman which left his children with no other option but to drop out of school because even if his first wife had a job, she only made enough to feed her family. Martha was ready to show the world that she will not be broken, nothing was going to stop her from being a respected member of the society, she thought of ways to earn money for school and when these thoughts got stronger day in and day out she finally had a break through.

She decided that since most African women are mainly concerned about keeping their hair healthy and attractive, it would be of great benefit to find a way of creating a hair product that she would sale and use the money to finally fulfill her dreams, being as ambitious as she was, she managed to find an easy way to create the hair product using a certain type laundry bar and a few chemicals that were laying around the house and within a few days she finished making it and she called the product ‘zazoo’. Her little business bloomed. Although the money she made wasn’t much, she was grateful because the little she had would go a long way.

At the age of 16, Martha managed to put herself through high school. People around her began to understand that she won’t let anything stop her so one of her long lost relatives finally stepped in to help this little girl achieve her goals and by the age of 20 after high school, her uncle put her through college where she studied data entry for 2 years.

At 22, she graduated, was recruited to work for Red Cross and her life changed for the better. A few years later, one of the most respected companies in her country heard about her potential and hard work, she was asked to apply for a job position which she did not only scoop but also asked to permanently work for them.

Today, Martha is a happily married woman to a man that only wants to see her happy, a man that believes in his wife, that little suburban girl that fought for her dreams, is a happy mother of four wonderful children, that little girl achieved her goals and today, she is one of the most successful women in her family. Martha has changed the lives of her family members too just as she planned. That woman never gave up and today, she is able to walk with her head hail high and she is telling you that with an education and a focused mind, you will achieve anything.


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