Nature Is Home

By Chris • October 13, 2015

Yesterday, I was lying on the ground outside on my driveway with my 6 month-old daughter. There was a calm breeze and beautiful blue skies. I usually take my phone everywhere with me, but I left it inside. There were no distractions. As I held my daughter on my lap, I felt so at peace watching the beautiful world around me.

I watched birds gliding high in the sky, while others chirped nearby. For those up so high, I wondered what it must feel like to be up there living that life. The breeze was so perfect it made me close my eyes a few times as I breathed in the fresh air. All I could think was how perfect this moment was, just doing nothing. I realized how appreciative I am for this beautiful place we call Earth.

I hope you can take a moment to get outside today, leave your phone behind, and really look around you. Forget about the busy world, at least for a moment, and free your mind.


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