I Want To Fly

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 8, 2015

When my kids were young we bought them two pet cockatiels. These beautiful, white birds would whistle and chirp all through the day. We had a big cage for them with perches, toys, and a mirror, plus food and water dishes. We couldn't let them loose in the house because of our dogs and cats, but they seemed content in their cage or so I thought.

One day in the Springtime when the sun was awakening the earth and the air had turned warm, I cracked the window to let in the breeze. The songs of dozens of different birds filled the air and our two cockatiels whistled with excitement. I went over to their cage to replace their water, but as soon as I opened the door one of them flew out and headed for the window. He banged into the glass, fell over onto the couch, staggered back up and then started to fly around the living room. The cats chased after him, hoping for a quick meal. The kids screamed and I rushed to save him. It took several minutes to corral the cats, catch the bird, and get him safely back in his cage. After that day, however, I always felt a bit sorry for my cockatiels. I knew that no matter how comfortable their cage was they still wanted to fly.

Many of us in this life live in cages of our own making. We close our minds, lock away our hearts, and limit our lives. We refuse to see the love that God has for us and the greatness that lies within us. We sit in our cells day after day and never dare to once open the door.

I for one don't want to waste my days sitting bored in a cage. I want to fly! I want to fly to new heights of love every single day. I want to zoom through the sky on wings of kindness and joy. I want ride on the winds of God's love and help everyone I can to do the same. Heaven may seem high above us, but Heaven is within us as well. Don't stay stuck in your own cage then. Let yourself fly!


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