Little Kindness

By Sonia Kaur • October 2, 2015

Kindness is a feel good feeling. Giving gives pleasure. Being kind costs nothing. It is not necessary to be kind with poor people only. You can be kind with your family, friends, relatives as well.

You dont need to find big charities to be kind. You can make kindness your habit also i.e Speaking politely is kindness. Helping mother in household work, Giving your time and attention to old people, Being a good listener etc are a small act of kindness.

Being kind to yourself. Maintain your peace of mind. Read positive books and stay away from bad companies. Give time to yourself. Live for yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Praying for others is also an act of kindness. When we go for pray we always ask good for ourself but if we ask good for others as well may we get everything without asking.

Best kindness is asking good for your enemies. God has given us so many things like hands, feet, ears, whole body etc, you have to put everything into kindness.


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