My Window

By Suditi Srivastava • August 15, 2015

Being back home brings me so many memories, especially when I sit by my room's window.

The sunlight still falls exactly the way it used to, forming the identical patterns on the wall adjacent to my window. I feel the same birds have stayed here for all these years, as the chirping still sounds familiar and the street children around have never grown up because their endless noise and rattles seems the way it has always been. This is my favorite part of the house, possibly the favorite of the memories I cherish.

I still hold reminiscence of those nights when I cried sitting here alone and mornings when I woke up stronger, more hopeful and smiling. It gave me evenings when I would blankly stare out at the mixed hues of the dusk, simply trying to escape studies. And those lazy afternoons when I would read a novel leaning by my window just dreamy enough to deport myself into the desired world of the protagonists in there.

There were those stolen moments when I would chitchat on my newly acquired cell phone, praying tat nobody overhears while I can catch the network.

In my growing years, there were limited places to visit, very few fancy parties to attend. All I had was a quiet corner of the house where every whim. Every fantasy would come alive at the bat of my eyelid, even the most bizarre thought or the sloppiest of an ambition could be easily tucked in by my window... leading to all those times I have felt so restless and so peaceful all by my window!!

My idea of being independent arouse here. This part of the house gave me an individuality. My place where I was allowed to dream while I was still being taken care of. Today when I am sitting again by myself, by my window, which doesn't have a picturesque scene to offer, but has innumerable memories to hold on; I am amazed that how a part of the house architecture has played a role in making me quite bit of what I am today.

I get a pang of pain every time I have to go away because I don't get the same secure sleep which I have had by my window, but the dreams remain the same. And I know they want me to fly beyond those blue skies which I could never see sitting by my window, only because they are always waiting for me to come back. I might move, they stay still, waiting for me unconditionally!

I miss my home and mostly my window in my room, which I declare is my favorite small little hangout as I write this note of appreciation towards this place which I non logically yet full-heartedly believe is listening and smiling with a warmth which never ceases!!


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