My Rules

By Prachi • August 14, 2015

"People think that they can judge anyone."

How foolish they are! We always copy others' life because we think they are much better than us. It's not true. Just think about ourselves, what you are??? What is your skill ??? What makes u different from others?

When you think this you will get success. When any successful person gives his speech, we try to copy him. Because we also want this types of successful life. But we forget that every successful person also crosses a bridge of struggle, that's why he is standing in front of us and sharing his thoughts. Because at that time his struggle, his patience, his dedication speaks. I am not saying that u r not doing hard work. We all r doing hard work but some times we are not getting success. Don't loose your patience this time. Stand up and again, start your work with more joy and with more energy. Because we are best and no one can beat us, not the failure, not the laughing society.

So just inspire from their speech, and make your way of success from your own RULES, because this is our life, and we have the right to fill our dream by the colour of success.

And never forget to SMILE :)


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