Nobody Can Hurt Me

By C M Reddy • August 10, 2015

'Nobody can hurt me' as long as I accept people as they are, I perceive things around me as in their original form and I rejoice the beauty of Mother Nature in its pure form. We interact with people from our own perception and make all the impressions what our mind manifest from its past learning and experiences. Everyone has equal good & bad emotions. We judge people and things according to our own wishes. If they behave or act to our satisfaction we welcome them otherwise we reject them. This is very usual phenomenon that we undergo everyday and feel 'Happy or Distressed' according to the responsiveness of others towards us.

Albeit some people indifferent to this kind of variable stimuli from others. They can be always at 'Blissful state' although they encounter travails and hardships in their journey. This is only possible with, having pure 'Love' in our hearts. Pure love never bends to the personal gratification. It never demands the possession of the materials or people. This makes us to love people without any expectations and experience the 'sheer tranquility and inner peace.'

At this level of maturity where the normal state of human mind, elevated to higher transcendent attaining 'Universal love' of all beings certainly would stay at permanent calmness. Then we perceive the dual nature of people's emotions on equal footing. The 'jealous, anger, fear and hatred' of others can not make any bad impact on our mind. All these human emotions are 'transitory', they appear or disappear and may interchange from jealous to appreciation, hatred to love and anger to kindness.

When we know this 'eternal truth' what is the need to make fixed impressions on other people. Also when we treat others as we expect the others to treat us, then we never find negative traits in others. Thus we see equality of thoughts and actions among all. So 'nobody' can hurt me'.


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