Plant A Few Flowers

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 17, 2015

In this hectic, crazy, mixed-up world that we live in there is an old saying that reminds us to "Take the time to stop and smell the flowers." I think that we should also take the time to plant a few as well.

My old, Italian Grandmother knew just how to do that. Nana always filled her porches with hanging, potted plants overflowing with flowers. She nurtured them with soil, love, and water and would smile when the sun shined down on them. Around her home she planted flowers as well. Red, purple, violet, orange, white, and yellow blossoms surrounded it. My Mom and I used to walk around it happily taking in the sweet smells and watching the beautiful butterflies fly down to feast upon them. Nana didn't ignore the wild flowers either. She would send me and my brothers out to pick hundreds upon hundreds of dandelion blossoms and would then turn them into a delightful, golden wine.

Nana didn't just plant flowers around the house, though. She also planted them in our souls. Her delicious dinners made with love not only filled our bellies but filled our hearts as well. Her sweet smile when we came into her house always made our spirits feel lighter. The hugs and kisses she shared so freely was the sunshine that kept our own love growing everyday. I am sure that she is still planting flowers somewhere in Heaven right now.

Take the time to plant a few flowers yourself today. Be God's gardener in your life and in the lives of those around you. Sow your smiles, your kindness, your laughter, and your love. Plant your prayers, your goodness, your talents, and your joy. Brighten this world with your sunshine. Give all you can to help keep God's garden growing here on Earth as well as in Heaven.


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