Explore Inner Self - Find True Happiness

By Chandramouli Reddy • July 7, 2015

"What is Happiness", there are various opinions and theories of people are making rounds in different media all over the Globe. But when those are concluded broadly it is the status of an individual mind at a given point of time. So mind makes us Happy or Unhappy. Every Human being has both outer physical body or Outerself and Innerself.

Innerself consists of:

1) Mind

2) Intelligence

3) Soul

Mind perceive all the outer material objects and their manifestations through Sensory organs. So Happy or Unhappiness are the emotions which resulted through sensory perception. Happiness now a days has become conditional thing. It appear or disappear depends on fulfillment of our desires. If one desire is fulfilled at certain level, we aspire for the next level desire and when it also has been done the other emerges. Each time the Happiness is conditioned to fulfillment of the desire, be it physical or emotional. Example if we have no means of transport, we rely on our legs for walking. So we desire for the basic vehicle Bicycle at least to avoid physical strain. Then we felt Happy, later we desire for the next comfortable vehicle two wheeler automobile. If it is also with us, then we think of car for luxury. When these desires at any level are not fulfilled the opposite emotion Unhappiness would be the result.

Therefore we shall not condition the source of Happiness. So mind which is always with sensory gratification generates desires one after another and we constantly pursue those by all means. It is advisable to be Happy always devoid of the fulfillment of desires. To make this happen we have to manoeuvre our Innerself consists of above 3 components. In these 3, Mind is the window for all perceptions and reflections. The 'Intelligence' discriminates the mind activity which is good and which is evil if we indulge in. Soul is eternal and it is always linked to the Supreme conscious state of Absolute Bliss.

We can not progress our lives on this earth without desires. Desires also must be with in the range our capacities. If the desire is over quantified it will become 'greediness' which is root cause for all sorrows on this earth according to Gouthama Budhha. So it is possible for us to be always in the state of Happiness by regulating our mind activity.

The knowledge that the Happy and Unhappiness are transitory stages of mind would make the person not to be affected by undue influences of materialistic world. So Happiness is the innate basic quality of Innerself. We have to find the true Happiness with in us which could not be influenced by the temporary fulfillment of desires.


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