Good People Are All Around Us

By Mano • July 3, 2015

Yesterday evening my car broke down on a dark road in between some fields. It was just past midnight and the chances of getting someone to stop there was very small.

The car came to a stop and I parked it next to the road. Within 20 seconds a car comes driving from behind and stops to ask what the problem was; he had seen us get off the road and he figured we needed help, so he had turned around. Within no-time he had his towing-bar installed and drove us home.

The best thing about it was how they looked; one bearded tough guy (couldn't see any tattoos in the dark but he was definitively the type for it) and one slim stoner-type. The car had a loud exhaust. A big dog sticking his head out of the window; the complete stereotypical picture. But still they helped. People are good.


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