The Barbie Story

By Belief Siveliwa • June 30, 2015

When Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie dolls™ first introduced the Barbie idea to her husband Eliot, she got some resistance. Eliot did not approve of the idea of a doll with adult features being sold to kids little did Eliot know Barbie will be Mattel dolls largest selling brand with over a billion Barbie dolls sold world wide and 3 Barbie dolls being sold per second (claims Mattel dolls). Every dream, every plan and every step you take will face resistance, people will discourage you and disapprove of it. YES that is likely to happen, the world around you has people who share different believes, views and backgrounds but always remember: you are part of "the world" just like anybody else is and you have a very unique role to play and a different mark to live behind when you are gone. That's exactly what Ruth Handler did. Negative people will make endless lists of the WHY's they think you can not do it, they will even tell you stories of their ancestors who did something similar to your dream but did not make it. Ignore such people, if you believe it you can be it!!!

Just because they do not believe you, it doesnt mean you can not do it, go out there and prove them wrong . . .


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