Devine Equilibrium

By Chandramouli Reddy • June 18, 2015

Till the recent past, I was thinking negative about the people who wish to pulled down me in my personal and family development. I wanted to retaliate all their wicked strategies with equal manoeuvres. Sometimes I made them to suffer for their wrongdoings. But during this process I also experienced similar kind of pain and agony. I was harsh in my words when it comes to deal with these people. I got my blood pressure soaring up. A sound sleep was distant dream for me. In this tedious negative journey of my life I suffered personal downfall. I was forced to shift my family from my native place as my job could no longer be continued in midst of all controversies I have developed in these days. I got settled in another new place. All is strange for me ie; place, people, language and food habits.

Now I got time for introspection of my inner self. I started to perceive things in another way. I started to meet people with positive attitude. Talking with them nicely and helping them in their shortfalls. I got better growth of my inner self. Now I felt people around me starting to give respect me. Here also some people with crooked thinking approached me for their selfish motives. Now I realised where ever you go, take any system that is dealt by humans 'good and bad' is a common phenomenon. So thinking about their motives, punishing for their wrong deeds is simply wasting our energies and time.

Another surprising news was that the person who ever responsible for my displacement from my original place was implicated and an high level inquiry was conducted for his misdeeds in public life. He was also forced to quit that place immediately. Now it came vividly to my mind is that 'what we give, so we receive it'. It is a wonderful equilibrium that is being maintained by the Almighty in the Universe. I started to pondering over on this metaphysics. Now in my vision all the people and things surrounding me are at absolute state of physical and emotional equilibrium. Now I became sober and complacent about my emotional health.


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