Cheers To Evening Rain

By Chandramouli Reddy • June 18, 2015

Today evening, I experienced the first showers of Southwest monsoon. So enthralling ... so charming. The sky poured it's happy tears on my tiny town. After the scorching heat that squeezed out our water from trees and human bodies, the first rain brought with it, the refreshment, vigour and quenching the thirst of all living organisms in and around. I came out on my two wheeler and did not wear a coat - just drenched in the smooth showers. I held my head towards the sky so that the rain droplets directly from the clouds hit my face. They have given me the acupuncture therapy feeling. All my day long hectic work in the office renders my heart overloaded, stressed and I felt out of energy. This rain recharged my energy stocks. Simply my soul danced in the first showers.

It seems God nourishes all living beings with rain of his unconditional love. Physically all living creatures need rain from clouds for their progress of life and survival. Similarly all the souls that embodied in all humans need a different kind of rain for their progress and survival, that is the rain of positive thoughts, good attitude, love and kindness. So let us nourish our souls with rain of good traits.


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