Goodbye Max, Our Sweet Boy

By Zopa • June 17, 2015

Yesterday morning we had to say goodbye to the sweetest, goofiest, most lovable, most devoted dog anyone could ever hope to know. They found an inoperable tumor, and we were forced to let him go.

For 11 years he kept us company, made us laugh, loved us, guarded us, worshiped the ground my children walked on. He grew up and grew old wanting nothing more than to be part of the family he loved so dearly. He was a gentle, loving, soul who would have protected each and every one of us with his life.

As I sat waiting for my husband to come back from the vet, I remembered all the years, all the times he got into mischief, the way he would rub his face into your lap to let you know he loved you, would weave up and down against your leg because he had somehow become convinced he was part cat. I thought how we had given him a good life, an inside dog, even though he was the size of a small pony. He had been given a good life, and he had given us all the love he had in return. I thought of all those things while I waited, and I thought that yes, I could handle his having to go, I would not be too sad, he had lived long and well. I thought that I would be, could be strong, until my husband came in and handed me the heart shaped plaster imprint of his paw....even now, I still can't stop crying.

Goodbye Max. You were a wonderfully sweet boy who I am so thankful I was allowed to know and share part of my life with. We love you, we miss you, and we will never, ever forget you.


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