A True Story

By Anjali Mohapatra • June 9, 2015

Sometimes, we become so emotional in our life that we interpret the existence of God in a wrong way. I do believe that God always leads us in the right path, but unfortunately more than half of our life time, we become blind with greediness, power and money. I always try my best to carry the positive attitude, but still then I lose my track sometimes and do wrong things. Anyways, I want to share one of my own experience with all of you. Whether you will accept it or not, it is up to you.

It was 2005, Dusshera vacation. I came to my home town with my husband. We celebrate Durga Pooja every year. It is mandatory in our family. So, we do come in this vacation every year. My children didn't get enough holidays, so they couldn't join us. We spent our time with our in-laws and other relatives. However, the vacation was over and we were supposed to go back to our working place, which was far away from our home-town. We were travelling by train, as air ticket was quite expensive. Again, the place where we were living and the train that we had to pick up, were not very near by. We had to hire a taxi and go to the station. As usual, when we finished our work at home and started for station, we were already late. My father-in-law accompanied with us up to the station. On the way, we were watching the time again and again. We all became so nervous, so scared that we didn't have any hope. We thought that, we were going to miss the train that day for sure. Only because, that train particularly, always runs in time! Till that date, 'Konark' was never late until and unless, there was some emergency. Not only that, in addition to our late journey, the rain started pouring heavily. We were so impatient that every two minutes, we were asking the cab driver to be very fast. Unfortunately, the uneven road and the rain, didn't allow him to drive fast. I felt so restless, I just closed my eyes and prayed to our deity. I prayed with all my heart to God and begged Her to do some miracle, because there was no hope at all. She was our only savior! By that time, we were already, ten minutes late. Anyhow, at last the cab reached at the station. The moment the car stopped at the station, literally we all jumped off it. We held our luggage and ran to the platform to check out whether the train was there or not. Believe me or not, the train 'Konark' was standing just before us, in platform no 1. It was simply unbelievable! We couldn't believe our eyes. Was it a miracle? The train which was never late for even one minute, was delayed for fifteen minutes without any technical problem. Every passenger started watching his watch and was surprised that for no reason the train was standing still. Without a second thought, my husband told me to get in to any compartment of the train first, and then to find out our berth.

Eventually, I did that and my husband too, entered into the train. Believe it or not, we just entered and one minute later the train left the station. I was shivering out of nervousness and excitement. My heart beat had increased so much that I couldn't breath properly. One passenger in that compartment said, 'Sister, please sit down! Perhaps the train was waiting for you, now relax!' I simply said 'thanks' to her and sat down.

I can never forget that day! Who says that God doesn't help? I am really, really thankful to HER that SHE helped us at our crucial time. But one thing I learnt, that if you sincerely pray to HER and surrender yourself to HER, then there is no doubt that SHE will come to your rescue. Here I mentioned 'SHE', but for me it makes no difference between 'HE' or 'SHE', because I believe in one 'God'! Till today, I feel excited the moment, I remember that incidence. It was really, really wonderful experience!!!


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