Cleaning Can Wait

By Stephanie • June 6, 2015

My son Christopher did something that really hit home today. As he is laying there watching a movie while I'm tending to his baby sister, I ask him if he would like to play Wii with me when the baby takes a nap. He looks over and says, "Really?" as this is something I rarely do because I always seem to use nap time to clean something, cook, etc. plus the fact that I really hate video games.

A few seconds later I look over and he is crying and I say to him, "What's wrong?"

He said "I'm just so happy, you never want to play these games with me."

I just thought I would share this so everyone can take a step back and take some time today to really give your undivided attention to your kids with something they love to do. The phones, cleaning, cooking, will always be there but these precious moments you have with your kids while they are young won't last forever and it's these little things that your children will always remember!


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