The Little Things

By Samantha T • June 4, 2015

Recently I've been enjoying going to get a sub from Subway on my way home from school, and just about every time I go it's the same man working there. I'm not exactly sure but I think he is autistic or has something along those lines but either way he's very nice.

So the other day when I stopped in he asked me, as always, how my day was and then he preceded to make my sub, then just as he was finishing he and I both realized that he hadn't even asked me what I wanted. Now every time I go he does the same thing and we just chat for those few minutes that it takes his to make my sub. It's something so small and would normally seem like nothing but for those few minutes every other day I realize how much little things, like someone remembering my order, can change a persons day.

After thinking about all of this I now make an effort to remember people's names, their favorite things and any other little bit of information I can gather in hopes that one day maybe me remembering that will change their day like this man at Subway has changed mine :)


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