By Ashutosh Adhikari • May 17, 2015

An old man was in his death bed surrounded by all his well wishers and loved ones. He knew these moments were the last ones that he can get. So he distracted his thoughts from his surroundings and pondered upon his life.

He remembered all the ups and downs of his life. He thought what he should have done in some bad situations to change them into good memories. How he should have enjoyed his life instead of running after money carrying a burden of responsibilities. Every little moments that life provides should be enjoyed, he now knew. He also realized the fact how man made things had grown to be more important than its creator.

He took a long breath and looked around him to see sad faces and feeling of grief surrounding the atmosphere of the room. He shied and thought that now he could do nothing to change what has already happened and began thinking about what's there in store for him in his afterlife.

Slowly his head grew dizzy and the sounds around him vanished. Then a bright light appeared which grew even more intense every second before a thing appeared. The thing was nor a human, nor any animal, neither it was anything that anyone had ever seen or described. The man was terribly frightened. The thing came closer to the man slowly but the man had nowhere to run or hide. He could just see the bright light and the thing. The thing came really very close to him and asked, "How was life in heaven?"


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