A Story From My Mother That Changed How I Look At Life

By Zelg101 • April 28, 2015

My mom hasn't always been the the role model but its not like she's the worst person ever. She called me downstairs to talk with me about my future and tells me to start looking into colleges, which isn't anything out of the ordinary so I brush it off non-nonchalantly. But then she says something I wasn't expecting. "When you make it somewhere in life, make sure to try and give back to people in need." It came out of nowhere and didn't really get why she said that. Then she told me the story behind why she said that.

I have a god-mother whos always been close to the family, and her cousin(who we are also close to) came by to visit our family with this at about midnight last night. She has a daughter and I'm pretty sure is a single mother. Anyways, she found out that she has lupus after collapsing on the ground and going into a coma for a few days. She was put into a local hospital and treated for a week. While in there, her costs went over $5,000 and would end up totaling over $43,000 in all. Due to other circumstances, she isn't able to get help from the government either. And out of nowhere, a man came in one day, said he would pay it off. He paid off a total of $43,000 dollars and will be paying for the rest of her treatment until she gets better, then will be hosting a party in her honor. After getting out of the hospital, she met the man and found out he is one of the highest paid and most known players on our local NFL team. If a man like this can change a persons whole life with just a swipe of a card, then I want to at least be able to repay the favor in some way or another. It may not be for him, but one day I want to go out and help someone like this in hopes others pass it along the same way that I did. He is an inspiration to me now and I hope this story reaches headlines about how there really is good left in humanity.


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