By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 23, 2015

There was something in the air this morning. I paused as I walked outside, raised my head,

and breathed it in. It was Spring! I looked down at my lawn and saw wild onions and fresh

green grass growing. My flower box had new purple Phlox stretching towards the sunshine.

Tulips and Daffodils were in bloom too. Their reds and yellows were brightening up countless

yards. In the meadow dozens upon dozens of dandelions were also soaking up the sun. The

formerly barren trees were budding away too. When I walked under one of them I could hear a

protective Mother Robin scolding me from her nest.

I smiled at all of this and took a long walk in the warming sunshine. The air was cool and

fresh without being cold and I could smell a thousand different scents dancing upon it. My coat

was sitting unused in my house and I hoped that it would rest there for many months to come. I

felt as young and alive as a child. When a hornet buzzed by me I danced away without a hint of

ill will. I knew that it was time as well to the one thing I had wanted to do all Winter long. With

a laugh I kicked off my shoes and walked barefoot in the grass. I listened to the dozens of birds

singing their songs. They all blended together in a chorus of joy. Finally, I stopped walking and

watched the morning sun rising in the sky. Then I said a prayer of thanks to God. I thanked Him

for the warmth and golden sunlight. I thanked Him for the flowers and the trees. I thanked Him

for the green grass and the insects. I thanked him for the birds and their music. I thanked Him

most of all for my life and for making a season as glorious and special as Spring.

A friend of mine asked me last Winter why I had never moved south to escape the cold here in

the mountains of my home. I think that the answer is that these mountains ARE my home. They

are where I feel the happiest. They are where God meant for me to be. I also think that I wouldn't

appreciate the Spring so much if there were no Winter.

When we go through the seasons of our lives we should always do our best to appreciate them

all. We should cherish every moment of our Spring and enjoy every second of our Summer.

Yet, we should also delight in the special beauty of our Autumn and share our warmth and light

when the cold days of Winter arrive. We should embrace every season and every day with

thankfulness and love. Because that is how God meant for us to live! May you always have

love in your heart and Springtime in your soul.


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