Always In A Hurry

By Kay • April 21, 2015

I was in a hurry when I pulled in front of a store where I was taking some newspapers. On a previous day I overheard one of the employees telling a customer they were always needing newspapers to wrap things in.

I was getting out of the car with the newspapers when I noticed an elderly man using a walker. As I got to the door I heard him say, "Always in a hurry, They're always in a hurry! No one has time to help." I stopped! I gave him a smile and said, "I have time to help." Then I held the door open for him.

Somehow those words, "Always in a hurry. They're always in a hurry. No one has time to help." really got my attention. I can live my life always in a hurry. I'm happy the Lord helped me to hear and see this man's need and I stopped for a second to help.


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