Be Yourself..

By Cel • April 7, 2015

Sometimes, you keep on wondering why certain things happen. You want to escape but you can’t. Something pulled you to the ground and make you stumbled. Your body frail, your eyes weeping, and your face have devoid of feelings. You tried to hail but you are just afraid to get ignored, to hear criticisms, and to be judge. “No one is perfect” indeed. However, there are some people who are judgmental, having crab mentality, and fond of creating nitty-gritty issues, but you can’t please them anyways.

But no matter what happen Be Positive even if your life full of messed. Be glad. Even if you only have five cents on your wallet, one pair of shoes and slippers, walking in the edge of the street going to school or work, and live in a house that seems so small. Be thankful. Even if you can’t have what you want but you can have everything you needs. In life, it is not a about a position and possession, but it is all about your disposition and being contented in all the things that GOD has bestowed. You will not be happy if you make yourself feel empty and nothing.

Value yourself; unload the excess baggage that you’re always carried like grudges, pain, envious, peevish, doubtful, mourn, and other negative traits that make you feel hapless. Ignore what other might says about you, it’s your life not them. They are just tenterhooks to criticize your goof. A gossip is only a gossip; you don’t have to explain yourself because they don’t even comprehend. Smile. It's a simple gesture that brings happiness to others.

Futhermore, just DO what you want, and love what you are doing; in the end it only matters between You and God, not the crowd.


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