By Anjali Mohapatra • March 22, 2015


There is a proverb, 'History repeats itself'. It is true, indeed! If we analyse retrospectively, we can connect the past with the present. Since this world is so vast, and millions of events occur in a fraction of second, we can only high-light a few incidence, which will satisfy the proverb.

Let us start from the Stone Age. In Stone Age, people were nomadic, lack of civilisation, illiterate, and fierce. Their behaviour was not polished. Not that, they didn't have brain, but sense of humanity was lacking. As we know, we are entangled with laws of Nature, so also, they were enforced by nature fully. When they started living together, it was nothing but the unseen force 'necessity' and 'urgency of togetherness', compelled them to do so. So in due course of time, after passing through various metamorphosis, they learnt 'how to live a better life'. There after, they never looked back, till they reached to 'our present form'. What a victorious transformation!!!

Now, what about us??? God has granted everything to us. We have our family, community, society, country, everything, but where are we heading now? Looking at the world wide current situation, is it not the most shouted question,'Are we going towards the prosperity of human race or we are marching forward to utter annihilation?'

Whatever may be the case, today's scenario has urged us to 'Be human'. After achieving incredible success in every platform, such as literature, science, technology etc, we should not act like blindfolded human being. The ratio of good is to bad has changed unbelievably. Gradually, selfishness, treachery, power and money, have grabbed us from every side. It seems as if we are struggling to get ride of it, but we are not successful in our achievement. Our strength has become weaker than the strength of the vicious minds. We are transforming ourselves to be nomadic again. What a historical change again!

So, why not we will extend our hands all together, so that we can hold ourselves tightly and together we can win the race of 'humanity verses inhumanity.' Let us try again and again till we succeed. Let us save our planet from further damage!


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