The One Thing You Never Run Out Of

By Joseph J. Mazzella • February 24, 2015

It was a sweltering hot, Summer's day and I was longing to go swimming at the local pool. Instead, I was riding in the back seat of the car as my parents drove to a friend's house. They were going to lend a hand to a church work camp repairing her roof and porch. As an eight year old boy I knew that there wouldn't be much for me to do and I was right. In the end I fetched a few hammers, threw away some scrap pieces of wood, and spent the rest of the time sitting in the yard watching.

The work camp was mostly made up of teenagers who had given up part of their Summer vacation to help others. They were supervised by the pastor and a few skilled carpenters who were also working free of charge. I spent most of that afternoon sitting in the shade while they sweated in the sunshine. They were cutting boards and hammering them in place. They were pulling out rotted tiles and nailing in new ones. They were scraping off the old paint and brushing on the new. They were doing it all too with an energy of joy. They shared stories and smiles. They shared jokes and laughter. They shared a Heavenly spirit of caring that was beautiful to behold.

Finally our friend called me into the house to help her pay them with the two things she could afford: sweet tea and smiles. I gingerly carried out the glasses to the workers who downed them with gusto. By the end of the day the three gallons of tea were gone. The workers were out of nails, paint, and lumber but the job was done. There was one thing left, however. It was the one thing that you never run out of. It was the one thing that you can't give away without having even more of it. It was Love. It lightened our spirits. It lifted our smiles. It made us feel at one with both Heaven and God. I went home with a heart full of it and was happier than any day at the pool could have made me.

Don't be afraid to share your love every chance you can then. Share it with your work. Share it with your smile. Share it with your life. You will never run out. You will always have more. And you will forever feel our Heavenly Father smiling upon you.


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