A Father's Love

By Elaine Grajo • February 19, 2015

A father's love to his children was irreplaceable.

A father's love to his children, cannot be replaced no matter what happen.

My cousin Ann and I, we're bestfriends since we were born. We celebrate our birthdays together, we play together, we go out together, we buy together, and also we have something in common like clothes and some other stuffs. But one day it was gone. It was one day before my 11th birthday. Her parents fought and she was kept by her mother. It was totally a mess. After 3 years, we still dont even know where she was brought. We seek help from the news, but we got none. All of us give up except his father. We're proud of her dad because no matter how hard he had been through. He did'nt give up. How much money he spent for the lawyer, investigators or some other stuffs, he did'nt give up. One day her father heard a news from somebody that, my cousin is in some part of the county (I won't locate anymore). There they found my cousin. I got surprised when I got home from school and I saw her waiting inside my room. I can't talk to her because I dont like her seeing me cry. I can't hug her because my tears gonna fall in no time. I just gave her a sad smile, and told her hi. Hey yaya, called her right in time when my tears gonna fell. I told her that, we can chitchat tomorrow. Starting that day, my laughs and smiles are not like the other time I laugh and smile. It was totally a happy day.

That's all. Never give up. :)


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