Watching The Stars

By Joseph J. Mazzella • February 28, 2013

I was visiting a friend recently when I got to see something special. Now, my friend lives on a small farm several miles down an old country lane. It is far from the street lights and business lights of the cities, towns, and suburbs. When darkness fell then he led me out to his back porch where we sat and gazed up at the stars. Where I live the street lamps block out all but a few of the brightest ones, but here it was like the whole sky was alive with light.

It was so wonderful to see. I had forgotten how breathtakingly beautiful the night sky can be. Instead of black it was a blissful blue and the millions of stars seemed to twinkle with happiness. I could see why our ancient ancestors spent lifetimes watching them, charting them, and cherishing them. Even though it was still the middle of Winter, I felt a warmth around me. Seeing this magnificent creation of our Heavenly Father was like being wrapped in a blanket of love. It was so perfectly peaceful. Having all the lights of the night sky shining above me I could see my own inner light shining brighter as well. I wanted to live long, love well, and shine bright. I wanted to fill my life with God’s light and then share it with the world. I wanted to spend all of my days and nights brightening the hearts and souls of others.

I wish that everyone could live off the beaten path so that each night they could go out and joyfully watch the stars. I wish that everyone could see the gloriousness of Heaven above them and feel the love of God within them. Too often we let the artificial lights of this world distract us from the light of the stars, the light of our souls, and the love in our hearts. Too often we allow the creations of man to overshadow the creations of God.

May you always keep your eyes towards Heaven then. May you always keep your heart filled with love. And may you always let your spirit shine as bright as the stars.


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