Go Ahead, Step Into Your Calling!

By From Where I Stand.net • February 13, 2015

From Where I Stand, I am sharing the inspirational story of Chris, son of missionary parent. When exposed to the prophetic anointing, he stepped into his calling. Through prophetic teaching, Chris cooperated and moved with the Holy Spirit delivering a prophetic word in the corporate gathering for the first time. In essence, through the corporate message, every individual receives a prophetic word and so does the region.[

Mid September 2013, I embarked on an unforgettable Mission trip to China where I would experience the gift of prophecy and share the prophecy with the Chinese church in a corporate setting. I traveled with a team of men, and women of God, who were evangelist, preachers, and prophets to a few towns and local churches in the region of Huili where there is a hunger for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

During a 3 hours bus ride, I was sitting alone until Pastor Keith asked me to join him in a Bible study. This is China, where the roads are bumpy and uncomfortable. So I was thinking.”How could I keep focused or read the Bible on this bumpy bus?” Nevertheless, when I saw the passion Keith had for the Bible even on a bumpy road, I joined him along with another brother. We flipped our Bibles to First Corinthians to study Holy Spirit leadership and so many other things. I can remember the passion and the understanding that Keith had for the scriptures. We had been reading and discussing the Bible for about 3 hours! When we finished our Bible study and shut our Bibles, the bus stopped at our destination. That was so cool! Not only had I learned so much, but the traveling time accelerated so we arrived quickly in Huili. It was now time to unleash that knowledge to the church, as a source of encouragement! The next day we would be going to a local church in Huili, or what we called “The Pomegranate Farm.”

After settling down at the hotel, we had a nice warm bowl of noodles and rested for the next day. Early the next morning Brother Luo, the leader of the church, picked us up, and we were on our way to the “The Pomegranate Farm.” Because there was no concrete road up the side of the muddy hill. The van let us off at the bottom in order to walk up the hill. Upon spotting a motorcycle, my father would rather always ride a motorcycle than walk. Since he is fluent in Chinese, he asked a brother with a motorcycle for permission to use it to ascend the muddy hill. Upon receiving the permission, off he went with ease up the muddy road and out of our site. As we reached the top of the hill, we caught up with my dad who had taken a spill on the bike and landed in the mud when he reach the compound!! That was "Hallelujah Hilarious"! In God’s Mercy, he only pulled his hamstring. However, he was covered in mud with no extra clothes! That did not stop him! He presented his team and himself to the church without a shirt on and no shoes of his feet! But as he stood before the people, the church was ready to hear what the men and women of God came to say!

After my dad spoke, everybody on the team was preparing to preach. I was among the crowd waiting for the preaching to begin. When I saw a vision and I couldn't forget it. I saw fire. A fire that was not like any ordinary fire! The kind of Fire, water couldn't quench. The fire was among the Huili’s mountain ranges. I perceived this fire was the Truth, the Way, & the Life. It was moving faster than lightning throughout every corner of the Huili villages. Not one corner was left unaffected by this fire. Yet, God needed me to tell these precious Chinese people of such potential! So I ran to my father with the vision burning in my spirit and told him what I had seen. With his permission and the stage empty, I walked with my Bible in hand to the podium. The Holy Spirit used me that day as His spokesman on Earth. I said, “They would be the Fire of God. As fire, they would spread the Gospel throughout every single block in Southern Sichuan, China. So then every man, woman and child was touched with the fire and those men, women, and children would in return touch another until the entire region was on fire with the Glory of God. This Splendorous Fire brought God’s comfort, peace, love, direction, and unity to this region like never before.” While delivering the message, I cried and those who listened to the message cried with shouts giving Glory to God! I’m still expecting this prophetic word to ignite my Chinese brother and sisters giving birth to more churches! All glory and honor be unto Yahweh because the fire of the Spirit of God can’t be stopped!!

From Where I Stand,It is important in the genesis of your calling that you take nothing for granted but listen for the Lord Jesus speaking through the Bible, impressions, dreams and visions then run it by your leader or mentor for verification. Upon receiving verification, step into the your calling by faith. By following those ingredients, the gifting and the person will mature. The key word to any gifting is maturity. "God uses prophets to put His Words in the mouths of the hearers, so the prophets place God's Words in the mouth of the listeners!"


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