By Sundar A S • December 30, 2014

I had high fever and had to be admitted in a local hospital during Sep 2014. In the room where we were staying, there was another bed occupied by a poor student who was admitted for some problem. He was put on oxygen the whole night and surprisingly there was no attender to help him in any way. Obviously his parents were staying elsewhere. He was all alone. The next day, after the oxygen was removed, we saw few of his friends visiting him and we heard them speak in a language we didn’t understand . All that we could understand was that he was anxious about something and was frequently getting calls. We heard the nurse compelling him to go for a bottle of blood infusion against his wish. The student demanded discharge against medical advice. We called the nurse and enquired about what was happening. The nurse was telling us that he was suffering from a rare disease called Sickle Cell Anemia. This disease leads to extreme weakness and loss of memory even. However he refused treatment as he had no money to pay even for the treatment already undergone. The Doctors feared the risk of death if sufficient food and blood infusions are not given. However at his request they agreed to discharge him provided he pays the dues of INR.4000/-. All that his friends could raise was only INR.2000/-.We found this student sitting on a chair very upset, holding his heads and weeping for the balance amount. He didn’t have money to even buy his food. For his medical condition, food was very important.

When we saw this pitiable state, the God moved our hearts. At this point of time, we felt that the purpose of my admission was mainly to help this poor student find his way out. We gave INR.2000 to him as our contribution. With that amount along with the amount he had, he could manage to get discharged. But now, no money for even the next meal and for the minimum medicines prescribed costing INR.1800/-.So we decided to give another Rs.2000/-. As he received this amount, he didn’t have any words to express his feelings and was in tears! He kept weeping all the time till we left. With a grateful heart he thanked us and exclaimed ‘ITS JUST GOD!’.As I got discharged next day,I wondered whether I was admitted just for the purpose of helping this poor student!


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