Innocence And Wisdom

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 12, 2014

I was walking out of a local library recently when I heard the most wonderful sound in the world. It was children laughing. The Kindergarten class had just gone out for recess on a warm, Autumn afternoon. They were running, shouting, and playing with all the joy inside of them. It was music sweeter than any concert. I stopped to watch and listen to them for awhile. I could feel my smiling lifting, my eyes sparkling, my heart warming and my soul brightening. It felt so good to see and hear such innocent happiness.

For a moment it made me wish for my own childhood innocence again. It had left me so many years ago. I knew that it was gone for good too. I had seen too much pain, too much suffering, and too much heartache. I had witnessed too much injustice, too much hatred, and too much bigotry. I had looked upon inequality, misery, hunger, and war. I had felt the sting of loss and death. I had known fear, confusion and doubt. I had seen all the ugliness and darkness of life. I knew I would never be innocent again.

Yet, in place of that innocence I knew that God had given me something better: wisdom. In the midst of life's darkness I had found light. In the middle of life's ugliness I had found beauty. In a world full of fear I had found love. In all of my confusion and doubt I had found God. On my long journey through life I had learned that God loves us. I had learned that we can love too. I had learned that when we love we will have joy.

We may never have the innocence of our youth again, but with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes choice. Choose to sing, smile and dance then. Choose to pray and to play. Choose to love, laugh, and have joy. Choose to grow daily in oneness with God. Choose to share your happiness and wisdom with everyone you know every second of your life.


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