My Dad Always Cheers Me Up

By Erik • November 9, 2014

I had my first game of indoor soccer (ever) tonight, and needless to say, it went badly. My team was a "house team" and so we've never played together before. We played a team that pretty much stomped us. I didn't play up to my usual standard, and was pretty bummed. I had skipped a concert with some friends, and a movie night with some others, just for this game. So I was disappointed that I played like a chump.

I get back in the car with my dad, and we discuss the game and how to improve.. etc. My dad is pretty quiet, so we then just sat and listened to the radio.

Here comes the happiness part: about 15 minutes later my dad starts singing whatever's on the radio. Some old song I didn't recognize, very provocative I may add. His ridiculous singing just cheered me right up. I didn't regret anything at all, just spending that time with my dad was WAY better than that concert, or a movie. I love my dad.


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