Feeding The Homeless

By Jan • November 5, 2014

Feeding the homeless is a very rewarding experience! I started a monthly thing in Philadelphia. Each month, I spend $100 and buy a lot of non-perishable food such as spaghettios with pull-tab lids, granola bars, apple sauce cups, pudding cups, Slim-Jims, juice boxes etc. Basically, food that doesn't require heating, refrigeration, or a can-opener since homeless people don't have those things.

Then I package the food in gallon sized ziplock bags. ($100 of food makes about 30 bags) I like to put cute heart stickers on the bags just for added cuteness. Then I walk around downtown and I hand a bag to everyone who looks like they could use some free food.

I've been doing it every month since July, and it's extremely rewarding.


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