I Know There Are A Lot Of Things I Don't Know...

By Jim Willett • October 29, 2014

Things about the universe, about our world, and about other people. Especially what others experience or how they feel.

I have no idea what it's like to be from another country besides Canada, or another culture, skin color, gender, or sexual orientation.

I've never been bullied, or faced discrimination, because of what I look like on the outside. So who am I--are any of us--to judge someone when we don't know what they've experienced?

What I do know, however, is COMPASSION. And I try to embrace and celebrate my differences from someone else's. I just hope to continue to grow, learn, and experience as much as I can so that one day I will understand.

Because the thing that I'm most sure of in this world is the capacity of my heart. I don't think it'll ever run out of room for love and passion. In fact, I think it's the opposite... The more I let in, the more I'm able to let in.


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