Nothing Is More Important That Prayer.

By Mench • September 20, 2014

And that really taught me a lesson. How can i complain when I have a good job? How can I be lazy when this Job is exactly the reason why i have a good life? And I even asked myself why it happened, and really on the jeepney where i was on..And I simply found the answer to my own question, because I already forget to pray. Because everyday, i all i have are complaints,all I do is to ask God's will without even trusting him. I even forgot when was the last time i said thank you to him. I was down on my knees. And right then and there, i looked up and whispered, "THANK YOU".

Life simply is full of tragedies,but it's up to us on how we are going to take the journeys of life.As they said, stop complaining about the things that you don't have, because if you don't know how to be contented, you will never ever have enough.Learn to thank God, and always remember that He won't give us what we can't bare.

Preserve me oh God, because in you i Trust.


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