This Love Is Real

By Bee • September 19, 2014


I'm a girl 18 years of age,basically that's a young age to seek love right?...

that's what I was told and that's what I knew and still believe,but still I seek love as long as I could remember

I'm one of those that love truly,never cheats and are fully committed to another human being.

I started dating at the age of 14 years of age ,first love fell over hills in love,did crazy things and

thought married ,future but sadly it ended looking back I did crazy things but

I don't regret a single thing. my ex is my bestfriend he still loves me as we both thought we were soul mates.

but I look at him and say to my self really??he has changed so much that I feel pain and pity for him life right,

I care highly about him but I've gone backed to him a numerous times until I grew up mentally and till I decided no more.

after my first love I never had a relationship that lasted a week or months no matter how much I tried the

was always something wrong with a guy and I got bored way to quick ,my friends were worried hooked me up so many times and then they stopped hooking me

up and stopped even asking about my love life the once was always the same ''his boring me'' cause it was a waste ,but somehow I never gave up on my self I knew 1 day my guy will come,getting out of the house to work or anyplace,dressing up looking all pretty

seeking for my guy everyday i had hope and most time ill go home disappointed cause it was always a waste of time,believe me I was approached but the were not for me no matter how good looking or what's so ever

there was never this thing saying to me his the one I tried so many time that I started dating guys for three days.

2014 September 12th I met a him, I must say this is love god gave me this guy unexpected, it was strange ,weird but I had the most huge smile on my face ,I just knew in my heart and how it happened that

its meant to be ,I was at a right place at a right time we met at a bus strangely,he makes me so happy and I constantly

laugh when I'm with him ,nothing matters when his around my bad day turns to hope ,smile every-good word you

could find, I have never felt like this, we chat almost everyday which is new to me I hate chatting or communicating for so long, its only few days knowing him

but it feels like years ,his so caring and I let him care I am so free so me ,I see light in him

I hated my life not anymore this is so real I'm inlove.


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