This Blind Dog's Family Invented A Device That Changed His Life

July 27, 2015

Everywhere Buddy turned, he was walking into things. Eventually he lost even more sight and had trouble walking around at all.

Like many older dogs and humans with blindness, Buddy has cataracts in both eyes.

Buddy's owners, Berg and Foy, had to carry him from room to room and outside to go to the bathroom. Buddy was too scared to walk on his own.

Then, Foy was struck with brilliance.

owners make device to help blind dog

"A few bolts, washers, wing nuts and a roll of plastic hanger strap later," Foy said. "I ended up with the final harness."

He still bumps into things, but the bumper hits the object first. It's enough of a warning for Buddy to avoid head-on collisions.

Now, Buddy has regained some of his lost confidence. He spends his time exploring and following his parents around their home.

He can also eat and drink without a problem.

blind dog device

Thanks to Berg and Foy's innovation, Buddy's back to his old ways, enjoying life and the company of his human companions.

Watch Buddy in action below!

Sources: Discovery, YouTube.

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