His Family Thought He Was Crazy For Saying This, But He Was Right All Along

June 5, 2015

A few years ago, he was digging through some old family photos at his mom's house and came across this one taken around 1990.

astrnaut peeing on the moon story

According to him (the 9 year-old boy in the pink shorts):

"This photo was taken in our old living room. Now, there was some major family drama regrading this specific photo because I swore to my mom, grandma, aunt, etc that the painting you see hanging in the background of this photo was of an astronaut peeing on the moon. My mother however refused the claim arguing she would never in a million years have been so ghetto as to have a painting of an astronaut peeing on the moon hanging in her living room. I argued the claim for 45 minutes but was outnumbered by the loud-ass South American women in my family who accused me of nothing more than trolling. I however stood firm by my claim, trusting my memory wasn't betraying me. This whole thing has since become a running joke on me, all of them ganging up on me to rub it in my face that I would think something so stupid and argue them over it...oh how I wanted a copy of this painting to prove them wrong!"

He searched the internet on and off for two years trying to find the picture. He conceded he would never solve this family mystery, but suddenly, the stars aligned.

One of his old World of Warcraft friends who lives in the UK posted a photo on Facebook of himself going on vacation. For no particular reason, he started scrolling back through some of his old posts.

"We don't talk all the time and he almost never posts. My friend works from home for a server hosting company and he has what I consider a god tier server room that looks like a hacker battlestation circa 1998. I came across this photo which he had posted over a year ago that I had seen before, except that I never noticed something he had lingering in the background..."

astrnaut peeing on the moon story

"Oh yes... when I noticed it my heart leaped out of my chest... MY WHITE WHALE!!!!"

He sent his friend a message asking for a close up of the picture, and he delivered.

astrnaut peeing on the moon story

"VINDICATION AT LAST! The astronaut is indeed draining his lizard and no matter how much my family will try to deny it, I now have proof that at least at one point my mom had some pretty trashy ghetto taste for art.

I can't for the life of me think how more no life the internet can truly be than bringing this mystery to a close at least for me. It cracks me up to think that this stupid coincidence spanned over 20 years, across two continents, from a semi-tacky wall art choice circa 1990 to a computer geek's server room in 2015.

The interwebs is indeed a beautiful place. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to give my mother a ring."

Credit: Z0MBGiEF

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