A Millionaire Hid A Treasure Chest Worth $2 Million In The Mountains. The Only Clues Are In This Poem

April 30, 2015

Four years ago, an 84 year-old millionaire hid a treasure chest that's, according to him, worth $2 million.

millionaire hides treasure chest

Forrest Fenn - an art collector, author, and retired fighter pilot who was shot down twice in Vietnam - says he did it to get families off the couch and into the wilderness. The idea came to him after he was diagnosed in 1988 with terminal cancer.

millionaire hides treasure chest

Fenn released a book containing a poem with 9 clues, that he says, will lead you to the prize.

"Nobody is gonna accidentally stumble on that treasure chest," he said in an interview on April 28, 2015. "They're gonna have to figure out the clues, and let the clues take them to that spot."

Fenn did reveal that a few have come close to finding it - some 200 feet away from the hidden spot.

poem clues treasure
The Thrill Of The Chase

Thousands of people from all over the world, including Asia, South Africa and Europe, have traveled to New Mexico to find the hidden treasure.

But it's not an easy riddle. Fenn says he gets hundreds of emails from treasure hunters asking for additional clues.

Here is the poem:

poem clues treasure chest
Credit: The Thrill Of The Chase

"Somebody could find it tomorrow and it may not be found for a thousand years. I'm looking at the big picture. A lot of people who are searching for the treasure don't see it the same way I do. I would love if someone found it tomorrow but if nobody found it for a hundred years, that's okay with me too."

(H/T) ABC News. Check out his book on Amazon.

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