He Cuts A Mouse Pad And Pastes It To A Mint Case. The Result Is Brilliant

March 24, 2015

This simple do-it-yourself contraption requires an old mouse pad and an empty mint case. It's a brilliant way to hide valuables in your car. 

diy secret car compartment

Buy a pack of mints and if you don't have an old mouse pad lying around, buy a cheap one for only a few bucks.

Cut the mouse pad in a circular shape to cover the mint case - the bottom of the mouse pad should be facing up.

car secret compartment

Using glue or double-sided tape, connect the pad to the mint case. It's perfect for storing small valuables like cash, jewelry, or keys.

car secret compartment

The secret compartment should fit in most standard size cup holders.

If someone were to look in your window or even broke in, they probably wouldn't notice it.

Credit: WonderHowTo.

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