She Moved To Alaska And Her Freckles Completely Disappeared. See The Before-And-After Photos

March 18, 2015

Vitamin D deficiency is real. Reddit user propernou shared these before-and-after pictures of her with the caption: "Alaska stole my freckles."


girl loses freckles in Alaska

After (1.5 years)

girl loses freckles in Alaska

So how does this happen?

The exposure of sunlight causes cells in your skin called melanocytes to produce more of a dark pigment called melanin: the result is a freckle. People with lighter skin are more prone to getting freckles.

With restricted sunlight such as in Alaska, those cells stop making as much pigment and thus the dark spots disappear.

The video below shows how the sun sees your skin. After watching, you won't ever hesitate putting on sunscreen!

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