These Realistic Animal Makeups Are Seriously Amazing. Just Wait For The Reveals

January 7, 2015

Maria Malone Guerbaa is a makeup artist with a unique talent. She can transform her face into just about anything, and it's almost scary how good it is. This is what she looks like with "normal" makeup on.

Maria Malone-Guerbaa
Maria Malone-Guerbaa / Instagram

The illusions are so well done, your brain will have trouble accepting it as reality. Just wait for the reveals (when she opens her eyes).

Here she is as a leopard.

And a baby seal.

What makes her face painting technique so unusual, is that unlike other special effects make up artists, she does not rely on any prosthetic materials. Maria only uses paint and her natural talent.

Check out plenty more of Maria's exceptional work on Instagram and Facebook!

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