Secret Society Steals, Restores, And Returns Garden Gnomes

July 8, 2024

A man in Kelowna, B.C. was baffled when his cherished garden gnomes suddenly vanished from his front lawn. Assuming they had fallen victim to thieves, Blair accepted that his tiny friends were likely lost forever.

Little did he know, an enchanting surprise was in store for him.

gnome secret society
Kelly Blair's Gnomes / Global News

On July 3, Blair was startled by a knock at his back door. Upon opening it, he was greeted by an elderly woman who handed him a blank envelope addressed to "The Homeowner."

Inside, Blair found a cut-out image of a gnome with the words "The Gnome Restoration Society" inscribed on the back.

gnome restoration society
Global News / YouTube

"The lady wouldn't tell me anything," Blair recounted.

The woman insisted she was merely delivering the gnomes and refused to answer any questions about their whereabouts or the mysterious society involved.

She then led Blair to her vehicle, where an astonishing sight awaited him.

In the back of the woman's car were all of Blair's missing gnomes, meticulously restored to pristine condition. To his surprise, there were even two extra gnomes, all cleaned, painted, and smiling up at him from their boxes.

"The gnomes are home," Blair told Black Press, still in disbelief at the delightful turn of events.

"It totally made my day."

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