Women Freaked Out By 'Human Hair' In Muffler, Learn the Hilarious Truth

June 28, 2024

In a bizarre yet amusing incident, a mother and her family were left both terrified and perplexed by what they thought was human hair sticking out of their car's muffler.

The unsettling discovery led to a tense moment as they tugged at the mysterious strands, which kept coming and coming.

muffler hair what is it
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"We decided that we should call the police. This was so creepy," they recounted in a video that quickly went viral. Convinced they had stumbled upon something sinister, the family prepared for the worst, fearing it might be human hair or remnants of a deteriorated animal.

However, the real explanation turned out to be far less dramatic and far more hilarious.

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The so-called "muffler hair" is fiberglass insulation material used inside a car's muffler. This fiberglass helps with sound deadening, reducing the noise produced by the exhaust system. Over time, parts of this insulation can break off or protrude from the muffler, appearing like hair. While this might look strange or alarming, it's a normal occurrence and is harmless. The fiberglass strands are designed to help control the noise emitted by the vehicle's exhaust.

The video, posted on TikTok, has garnered nearly 12 million views, with commenters expressing their surprise and amusement at the revelation.

"50 years old and I have never heard of muffler hair… gotta love TikTok!" one commenter wrote.

"Today years old finding this out," another user added.

"But why does it have perfect beachy waves!?" another quipped.

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