'So Be The Bull': Dad's Texts After Witnessing Daughter's Breakup Go Viral

May 30, 2024

A woman's recent TikTok video has touched the hearts of millions, showcasing a father's unwavering support during a tough moment for his daughter.

After being dumped by her boyfriend in her driveway, Fallon Thompson shared the comforting and wise text messages she received from her dad, who witnessed the breakup firsthand.

In the video, Fallon revealed her father's touching words of encouragement, which have resonated deeply with viewers.

Text Message 1/3

text from dad after breakup
Text 1 / @fallonthompsxn on TikTok

Text Message 2/3

text from dad after breakup
@fallonthompsxn on TikTok

Text Message 3/3

text from dad after breakup
@fallonthompsxn on TikTok

The comments have poured in from viewers of all ages.

"This is genuinely the sweetest thing I have ever seen," one person wrote.

Another shared, "Your dad just fixed a little part of me; thanks for sharing and I'm so sorry, queen."

"I'd get 'so be the bull' tattooed on my body somewhere after that," another commented.

The video has garnered over 18 million views and continues to climb. Fallon, a college student-athlete, mentioned that her dad is not only her father but also her best friend.

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