'I've Seen Grown Men Cry': Woman Eats Monster 30-Inch Burrito To Win Challenge

February 27, 2024

In the heart of Southampton, Mexigo restaurant witnessed a jaw-dropping feat as Leah Shutkever, a 32-year-old woman, demolished a colossal 30-inch burrito in a mere 11 minutes, setting a new record that left the staff in awe.

woman burrito record

The monstrous burrito challenge at Mexigo has been a formidable task for daring diners for over seven years. With a track record that includes grown men shedding tears and succumbing to stomach upheavals, Leah's triumph is nothing short of extraordinary. The restaurant staff, astonished by her accomplishment, admitted, "We've never seen anyone complete the challenge."

Ian Rayner, the owner of Mexigo, expressed his admiration for Leah's performance, saying, "Leah did absolutely fantastically. I have seen grown men cry and throw up in buckets from this challenge, and she took this on with ease."

The Mexigo burrito challenge requires diners to conquer the massive burrito within a tight 30-minute timeframe to claim victory. Leah's impressive feat not only secured her a place in the restaurant's hall of fame but also reignited excitement around a challenge that had not seen a conqueror for more than seven years.

Watch the video below.

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