I Found Chanel In Goodwill And Was Happy, Then My Jaw Hit The Floor

February 12, 2024

In the world of thrift store shopping, unexpected treasures are often waiting to be discovered, and one lucky shopper in Ramona, CA, recently experienced a jaw-dropping fashion find at her local Goodwill store.

The shopper, still in disbelief, took to Reddit to share her incredible discovery.

"I found Chanel in Goodwill and was happy. Then my jaw hit the floor," she exclaimed.

Chanel goodwill
u/lilpeachum on Reddit

What caught her eye was a gown with the label "Stavropoulos," a name not as widely recognized as Chanel but with a rich history that left the shopper astonished.

George Stavropoulos, a renowned designer, crafted gowns worn by iconic figures such as Jackie Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson, and Elizabeth Taylor, among others.

Chanel goodwill
u/lilpeachum on Reddit

The shopper couldn't contain her amazement, expressing, "I cannot imagine how this ended up in a rack at Goodwill." It's a sentiment echoed by many who appreciate the unexpected narratives that unfold within thrift store aisles, where pieces of history find new life.

George Stavropoulos, known for his timeless and elegant designs, created garments that graced the most illustrious events and adorned some of the most influential women of his time. The fact that one of his creations found its way to a Goodwill rack in Ramona adds an extra layer of mystique to the story.

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