Real-Life 'Step Brothers'? Italian Court Orders Middle-Aged Sons To Leave Mom's House

October 31, 2023

The hilariously absurd premise of the comedy movie "Step Brothers" may not be as far-fetched as we once thought.

In a recent legal ruling that has garnered significant attention, an Italian court has mandated the eviction of two middle-aged men, aged 40 and 42, from their mother's residence.

The elderly woman, aged 75, had taken her own sons to court, describing them as "parasites" in her legal filings.

Her lawsuit was a response to her growing frustration at their unwillingness to assist with household chores and contribute to the family's expenses.

The saga unfolded in Pavia, a city located in northern Italy. Despite both of her adult sons being gainfully employed, they did not participate in any financial or domestic responsibilities, effectively living off their mother's pension.

Local newspaper La Provincia Pavese reported that she had previously attempted to convince her sons to leave the family home. Her efforts to persuade them had proven futile, leading to the legal battle.

In a sympathetic response to the woman's predicament, Judge Simona Caterbi issued an eviction order against her two sons on October 24. The court granted them until December 18 to vacate the premises, as reported by The Guardian.

In the end, this real-life 'Step Brothers' scenario serves as a testament to the remarkable stories that can unfold in the most unexpected places.

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