The 10 Most Captivating Epiphanies Of The Month

October 30, 2023

Welcome to our monthly compilation of mind-blowing revelations and enlightening moments.

Each month, we bring you the most thought-provoking and hilarious epiphanies posted by internet users from all corners of the digital world.

10 best epiphanies or shower thoughts
Photo credit: u/This-is-getting-dark on Reddit

1. Getting fat is fun, but being fat is not fun. Getting thin is not fun, but being thin is fun.

2. We’re living in the 20s of the 2000s. We’re going to look as primitive by the 2090’s as the people of the 1920s looked in the 1990s.

3. There exists a single most obvious invention which we have yet to invent.

4. The teeth that fell out of your mouth during childhood are still out there somewhere.

5. It’s very helpful that bread mould is blue and not white/brown.

6. Men are trained to never assume a woman is flirting with them. Women are trained always assume a man is flirting with them..

7. Going bald wouldn’t be nearly as bad if people lost their hair from the sides more than the top.

8. People always assume skeletons are male.

9. Some people love zoos because they love animals. Some people hate zoos because they love animals.

10. The three musketeers are always depicted using swords instead of, you know, muskets.

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