'He Got Pretty Crazy About Stealing': Houston Neighborhood Being Tormented By Cat Burglar

October 2, 2023

A Houston-area neighborhood is being tormented by a longtime cat burglar, but fortunately for the thief, he won't be doing any hard time.

cleo cat burglar
KENS 5 News

Cleo the cat has quite the reputation and his list of victims keeps growing.

He steals anything he can get his paws on - including bath towels, clothing items, and even a computer mouse!

Owner Jeanne Wheat became so embarrassed by Cleo's actions that she started washing the stolen goods and putting them outside with a sign for her neighbors.

Cleo cat burglar
KENS 5 News

Yet, everyone in the neighborhood loves him.

"They just think its great... funny," owner Jeanne Wheat told KENS 5 News.

Still, Wheat has made several attempts to persuade Cleo to abandon his criminal lifestyle.

"I chastised him a little bit, kind of thinking maybe we could break the habit," she said. "But then I realized it was a losing battle."

Watch the video below.

"He has no remorse, but I apologize on his behalf" - every cat owner ever, actually.

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